Yamaha Live Custom Black Wood Larnell Lewis

Product code: LIVE-CUSTOM-BKW-LARNELL-LEWIS / ID: 237178

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Product description

A unique custom drum set of Larnell Lewis - drummer from a famous jazz band Sparky Puppy. A special set chosen for Larnell's drum workshop where he showcased his skills. Drum shells are from the Live Custom series, designed for live performance. Set consists of LNP6F3 tom pack - which contains 16 x 15'' floor tom, 12 x 8'' and 10 x 7'' tom-tom. Set also features another 14 x 13'' floor tom LNF1413, 22 x 18'' bass drum LNB2218, snare drums RLS1455 STEEL (14 x 5,5'') and RLS1470 STEEL (14 x 7''). Hardware consists of CS865 cymbal stand, HS1200 hi-hat stand, FP9500C foot pedal, JSS950 snare stand, TH945B tom holder and a drum throne DS950. Live Custom series uses 1.2 mm oak plies that are 10% thicker than those used on our Oak Custom drums. Bass drum shells are comprised of eight-ply designs while tom, floor tom, and snare shells are constructed with six. The Live Custom delivers a sound with greater strength and depth, provides rich expressive power that exceeds your imagination, and features hardware designed with some new, innovative ideas that delivers incredible stability and reliability even in the demanding environment of the stage. Oak's sound is clear and well defined with a powerful low-end that shakes your soul. Features Y.E.S.S. Mount System and 2,3 mm Dyna Hoops. Finish: Black Wood.